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Worlds first McDonalds with bakerXderek

If you've paid any attention to any of video you will know a few certain things about me... Saturdays are usually the days I record my videos, I am bad with directions and I have a serious love for fast food. 


This ride came together last minute on a Friday night. I knew I needed to record a video but struggled with an interesting place to go. I tossed back a few beers in hopes that an idea would pop through my thick skull and then it happened... Glancing at the tv while I waited for the bartender to sling me another BudLight I saw the commercial. I saw the salty golden fries and that magical beef patty with melted cheese stuffed between two sesame seed topped buns of the one and only McDonalds. My true love affair. And seeing this commercial it reminded me of a video I once saw from a desert madman that goes by the name of BakerxDerek. You may have heard of him... I sent Derek a text and he was more than happy to join me. It was on! 


I only had a few hours to research this place and how it all came to be. So I went hard on Wiki and other relevant sites craming my head full of McDonalds history. It was actually interesting shit. Not like Charles Manson interesting but interesting none the less.

Should I stay or Should I go?

I woke early on Saturday to a cloudy sky with a good chance of rain. I didnt care, I was gong and a little rain wasn't going to stop me from visiting such a landmark. A landmark that staked the beginning of so many childhood to adult memories.

Game Time

Before heading out a gave a quick call to Derek letting him know I was about to blast off. He said it wasn't raining and to "Go AHEEEEAD and meet me at the Mansion Lookout" and off I went.

The Road to Riches

The ride to the mansion was relatively boring with spotty traffic especially on the 91fwy. I hit a little rain but nothing series and eventually made my way to the hilltop not getting lost once. Truth be told, I did actually stop on the side of the freeway to double check that I was on the right track. 

Waiting at the mansion for Derek was a short wait. He lived near it and almost immediately I heard his Kawasaki 636 tearing up the roads. He arrived and we agreed food needed to happen before anything else.


For lunch we hit up one of Derek's local favorites ironically nailed "Bakers" which is also a chain born in San Bernardino. Bakers offers a combination of both Mexican and American food in the style of "fast"  I had never been to a Bakers before so I didn't even have the slightest idea what to order so I went with Dereks suggestion of bacon cheeseburger and a bag a fries. It was the perfect lunch...

Are we there yet?

From Bakers it was just a few shifts through the gears until making our way to our final destination. It was literally just down the street. Besides hopping in and out of traffic it was uneventful. Sorry.

The Golden Arches

My heart raced pulling into the parking lot, I couldn't wait to get the camera out and start exploring. I think the video will explain the rest, so watch it!

Dead as a DOORNAIL (Music)

The music I used for this video is the song Railroad Tracks by The Doornails. Unfortunately they are no longer around. I secured a demo CD from a personal friend who was in the band. 

This is the most info I could find on them. You may download the song for personal use. (see below)


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The only place I trust to service my motorcycles. - Service / Parts / Insurance / Suspension / ECU 

The only place I trust to service my motorcycles. - Service / Parts / Insurance / Suspension / ECU 

Suburban Delinquent is proudly protected by: The Law Offices of Henry Haddad

Suburban Delinquent is proudly protected by:
The Law Offices of Henry Haddad

The helmet company that saved the channel.

The helmet company that saved the channel.