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All great things must come to an end... Unfortunately... 


On this day bakerXderek, ArsonRides and myself slept in and lounged around most of the day. We sat around sharing our favorite online content while "East Bound and Down" played on the TV in the background. Eventually BabyBird showed up and it was decided to go to lunch.


For lunch, I thought of taking everyone to a popular gourmet hamburger chain called  Slater's 50/50. Slaters offers a burger customized to the maximum capacity with endless toppings to pick from. It also helps that they offer more than 100 beers on tap. 


After lunch Derek jumped back on the Speed Triple and we headed out. Initially I didn't have a destination planned. It took a little bit before deciding on heading to Laguna Beach. The sun was out, it was warm, and not too far away so it made sense. 

The ride to Laguna wasn't as fun as it could be. It seemed like we hit every single traffic light which definitely slowed the hi jinx to a crawl.


We arrived to the first lookout just in time. Arson's bike had enough of the traffic and was on the verge of overheating. He was happy to give his bike a rest and take in the sights of the ocean and beachfront.


I was a little concerned leaving the beach front for the next lookout. I wasn't entirely sure which group of windy mountain roads would get us to the Top of the World. I was worried that a couple missed turns would leave Arsons bike stopped on the side of the road with a pool of green fluid under it. Fortunately, we found the spot without any real issues. 

The lookout at Top of the World offers a pristine 360 degree view of Orange County and sits 1000ft above sea level. I On a clear day you are almost able to see all of the county. 


It was suggested by BabyBird to cruise south to another lookout located above the harbor of Dana Point. We agreed and started down the mountain and south on Pacific Coast Hwy. 

The ride to Dana Point was uneventful and I felt the topics I discussed weren't interesting. Because of this I didn't include it in the episode. 

The closing shot was leaving the Dana point lookout.


This a nice closing to a fun weekend. We shared laugh's, beers, stories and strengthened our friendships. I encourage everyone to reach out to others that share the same hobbies as you and be part of each others stories.

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The only place I trust to service my motorcycles. - Service / Parts / Insurance / Suspension / ECU 

The only place I trust to service my motorcycles. - Service / Parts / Insurance / Suspension / ECU 

Suburban Delinquent is proudly protected by: The Law Offices of Henry Haddad

Suburban Delinquent is proudly protected by:
The Law Offices of Henry Haddad

The helmet company that saved the channel.

The helmet company that saved the channel.