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A Valentine's Day Massacre with ArsonRides, bakerXderek & BabyBird


What do you do when It's Valentines Day and your wife is out of town? RIDE!!! That's right! When the cats away the mice will play and thats exactly what happened during Valentine's weekend this year!

Unfortunately this year my wife was called away for business leaving me to fend for myself on this romantic holiday. I seriously had no idea what I was going to do. I figured everyone would be out on dates spending time with their "other half's". I put a call out to ArsonRides and BakerXderek thinking it might be fun to have them come out for a couple days of riding. To my surprise they both jumped at the idea and so it was set. Valentines day wouldn't be a disaster after all!

Before leaving San Bernardino BxD had expressed some concerns regarding his reliability if his Kawasaki 636. I assured him that all he needed was to get to Orange County and he could romp on the Triumph, Speed Triple while I rode the GSX-R 750 for the weekend. He explained that he'd never ridden a Triumph and jumped at the opportunity and was here in no time. 

Arson was also worried about his KLR. He had been having issues with his bike overheating due to a fan issue and wasn't sure what the root of the problem was. We spoke about a few causes and the solutions for a quick fix and determined we could likely fix it. Unfortunately our simple solutions weren't the correct ones and we found that a warn out fan motor was the culprit. With both of my bikes accounted for he was forced to march forward on his KLR and so he did.

Later in the afternoon Baby Bird also popped in to join the shenanigans. This slightly worried me. Both BxD and Arson are seasoned riders that ride hard and fearless. With Baby Bird being an inexperienced rider I feared it might be just a little too much for our fledgling but was proven wrong shortly after our bikes broke loose on the streets.

We left the house with only a couple of hours of sun left. I figured we could squeeze in a bit of riding before we were left in complete darkness. All anybody had was dark tinted visors anyway. Not only that, the GSX-R's headlight is about as bright as a lit cigarette so riding at night wasn't much of an option for any of us.

Already off to a late start, I failed to insert an SD-Card into my GoPro before leaving the house. Sometimes I'm seriously stupid. Was it stupidity or was it excitement to ride the streets of Orange County with my hero's BxD and Arson? You guys decide... Anyway, we weren't too far from my house so I ran back to get it leaving everyone to fend for themselves for bit.

We chose a circular route hitting the best route the area has to offer. We started out N. on Irvine Blvd. eventually turning right onto Jamboree. It was about this point in the ride that BxD finally caught onto the Speed Triple's dirty little tricks. He figure out that this was a bike that wouldn't tame easily and demanded respect. He's a smart and disciplined rider and it pleased me that he knew his limits.

While BxD and I were tearing up the roads Baby Bird and Arson were almost an afterthought. Arson's KLR didn't stand a chance against the powerful and quick strides of the GSX-R and Speed Triple and Baby bird took note. Baby bird found his comfort pacing our tracks ensuring Arson would not be left behind on his dual sport. 

From Jamboree we headed up the hill to Santiago Canyon and toward Cook's Corner for a quick pit stop before continuing down Live Oak and back to the garage just before darkness fell. It was perfect. 

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Suburban Delinquent is proudly protected by:
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