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I struggled with releasing this video for a number of reasons.  Mostly, I felt it was too long and failed to capture the true essence of what I experienced on this day.  Originally it was 12min long, much too long for my liking.  I kept trimming away until I felt it was a decent length with hopes of not entirely losing the soul of the video.  Anyway, here's how it all went down...

This Sunday's ride south came together fast...  So fast that I never even bothered to ask where we were headed until I met up with CNCycle at the designated meet. 

It began for me around 9am when I woke to a phone littered with texts and missed calls from CNCycle.  With my eyes still crusty and my brain still half asleep, I knew only one thing...  CNCycle wanted to ride and likely had a fun ride planned, which I couldn't miss.

Before committing I knew I'd have to clear it with the wife and that I did.  She was cool with it as long as I made it home between 2-3 so that we could spend some time together before the start of the work week... 

Before jumping into the shower I sent Garrenteeed aka "Baby Bird" a quick text telling him our meet spot and time.  He replied that he would see us then.  Great!

I rolled into our meet spot a few minutes late with Garrenteeed waiting but still before CNCycle.  This allowed a bit of time to make fun of "Baby Bird", fuel up and slam a 5Hour Energy Drink.  And, when he did arrive I made sure to give him a little shit as well.

CNCycle had previously sorted out a meet with another motovlogger by the name of FryRiding.  For one reason or another "FryRiding's" name wouldn't sink into my brain, I kept getting it wrong almost to the end.  I think the 5Hour Energy Drink on an empty stomach did a bit of number on me.

Besides CNCycle managing to always be in the wrong lanes the ride to meet FryRiding was boring. It was all freeway and I struggled to produce any real content along the way.  I did however, manage to shoutout a couple of non-motovlog orientated channels that I enjoy watching - Shoenice, FailsAndFights and White Spot Pirates.  Check those dudes out.

We arrived at some gas station in some city near San Diego and made quick introductions before heading out to one of FryRiding's favorite roads, "Highland Valley Rd. strung out near San Diego. It was tight and twisty and filled with other motorcyclists. I noticed a high number of Triumph's.  Triumph RAT meet maybe? Anyways, the country/desert road  proved to be one of the highlights of the day. 

Lunch was good but not great.  FryRiding insisted on a little Mexican spot in Ramona.  When we arrived he was convinced this was not the place he remembered and thought his original lunch spot may have gone out of business. 

Ordering was a pain in the ass and kinda awkward. When requesting forks we received knives and spoons.  When requesting napkins we were handed hot sauce and so on...  I've been on a enchilada kick lately and thats what I ordered. Not bad!

After lunch and couple of funny stories I glanced at my watch I felt sheer panic.  It was nearly 2pm and I was nearly 2hrs from home.  I knew my wife was going to be pissed and regret her early morning decision. With lunch still warm in my stomach I said my goodbyes and bolted north via 78 to the 5 and finally stopping for fuel in Mission Viejo before making it the rest of the way home.

As feared my wife was fairly pissed...  Not "pissed" more like disappointed.  Rightfully so.  My wife works 3 jobs and Sunday is the only full day we are able to be together.  I arrived home around 4pm and I spent the rest of the day apologizing and offering solutions to recover our missed time together.  She eventually got over it and we settled on a movie.

All in all this was a fun day!  I was glad to see Garrenteed and CNCycle and to meet FryRider and his friend Morgan.  It was a great group!

Embedded in the video you will find 4 hidden images all to a certain theme.  The images are controversial but only to raise awareness for such crimes and sicknesses.  If you are able to put it together you will see where I got the idea for this set of hidden images.

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